Get Involved! Supporting Africa in the face of Covid-19

Direct Impact Africa

Direct Impact Africa is a ground-up initiative empowering communities in Zambia’s Lower Zambezi through co-op based, community-owned projects rooted in health, education, conservation, and sustainability. All donations will help support these rural communities through this pandemic and beyond. Direct Impact Africa Donation Link

Project Ranger

Break the cycle of wildlife crime and economic ruin. Project Ranger aims to raise funding for salaries for critical rangers on the front-lines of conservation who are stepping in to protect Africa’s iconic species in the absence of the revenue from tourism which has funded these efforts prior to Covid-19. Project Ranger Donation Link

Adopt an Acre in Kenya

Support Maasai and Samburu landowners by “adopting” an acre or more of these conservancies. Your kind donation will fund the land leases so that the families can continue receiving rents and the conservancies and the wildlife within can continue to exist. Adopt an Acre Donation Link

African Bush Camps Foundation

The Foundation is committed to partnering with rural communities in vulnerable wildlife areas. By creating opportunities to empower these communities through education, community empowerment, and conservation, we can improve their quality of life and achieve long-term conservation successes in Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Zambia. African Bush Camps Foundation Donation Link

Sponsor a healthcare worker on a safari

In recognition and gratitude for their service and sacrifice, front lines medical providers can travel with a significant other or their children to any Asilia property at the highly discounted rates of 75% off between now and June 1, 2021. Sponsor a healthcare worker you think deserves a retreat after fighting on the frontlines or donate the cost of a trip and EXPLORE will find a laudable healthcare worker to travel when it is safe to do so. Please contact or click here to learn more

Rhinos Without Borders

Rhinos without Borders is a project committed to the translocate rhino from highly productive populations at risk, to wilderness areas in Botswana. The initial aim of the project was to create new viable breeding populations to broaden the Botswana Rhino gene pool, while also populating the ideal habitat for rhino and increasing the range, and in this way spreading the risk. The translocated rhinos have created a few source populations, and the significant number of calves are the true hallmark of a successful relocation. Today Rhinos Without Borders has exceeded its original goals translocating over 100 rhino to Botswana, and the project’s focus is now on the active monitoring of these rhino. Rhinos Without Borders Donation Link

Hope for Restoration Initiative in Uganda

The Hope4Her project focuses on making and distributing reusable sanitary pads in response to girls dropping out of school due to a lack of access to feminine hygiene products. Your donation helps keep girls in school, halting the abhorrent cycle of forced marriage and prostitution.  Hope for Restoration Initiative Donation Link

Porters of Bwindi

Support a community of porters in Bwindi, Uganda who relied on daily income to support their families. With borders closed and gorilla trekking on pause, they are now out of work. Your support goes towards supplying a community of 50 porters with food and household items during this pandemic, keeping the people and the wildlife secure until borders reopen to tourism. Please contact for more information.

WorldWomenWork Conservation

WorldWomenWork supports women in their own communities as a key focus in reducing poverty and conserving the natural world. They provide funding for conservation, education, and skills development in some of the most environmentally threatened areas in the world. WorldWomenWork Donation Link

Lemur Conservation Foundation

Dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the primates of Madagascar through managed breeding, scientific research, education, and art. (Check out their “Stuck at home” lemur content to learn more about lemurs and keep you and your kids busy for an afternoon!) Lemur Conservation Foundation Donation Link

African Parks

African Parks employs the largest non-governmental anti-poaching force in all of Africa, providing protection for wildlife in the continent’s most vulnerable wilderness areas. Their Covid-19 response fund plays an essential role in promoting health and hygiene in the communities surrounding the parks by distributing basic health products and food items. African Parks Donation Link

Lewa Virtual Marathon

Lewa Virtual Marathon: It’s not too late! Through the end of July you can Run Wild in Lewa’s virtual marathon challenge; from wherever you are you can make a difference. This isn’t a race, there is no entry fee and no stop watch, but rather a global community coming together to support Africa’s frontlines of conservation, helping to tackle the devastating impact of Covid-19. Click To Participate