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ETHIOPIA – Beyond the bustling urban markets and chic jazz scene of Addis Ababa, the largest city of a country relatively untouched by colonial influence, one finds a world of towering mountains, mystical forests, ancient churches, and the hidden enclaves of the Great Rift Valley. Travel into the south of Ethiopia, through the tribal lands of the Mursi, Hamar, and Bana people to reflect upon the entire history of humanity, as contained within a single rugged country. These areas are extremely remote; access is challenging, and lodging options are limited. Read Alexandra Fuller’s beautiful account of her Ethiopian journey in Travel + Leisure.
MADAGASCAR – Often referred to as the 9th continent, Madagascar hosts the world’s most complex and diversely contrasting ecosystems. From 6-star luxury at the newly-opened Miavana Beach Resort on the shores of the Indian Ocean to the tropical rainforest of the east, the grassy plains of the central highlands, and the wraithlike tsingy of the world’s largest stone forest, travelers to this island will encounter many realms of a wild and exotic paradise. 90% of the wildlife here is found nowhere else on Earth, and even today scientists are discovering new species of plants and wildlife completely unique to the ethereal habitats in which they flourish. The Malagasy people reflect the geographical contradictions of their land, showcasing an effervescent abundance of unique culture practices from region to region.
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BOTSWANA – As one of the most politically stable nations on the continent, Botswana is rapidly becoming world-renowned as an epic safari destination for fantastic wildlife encounters. Botswana’s government exemplifies a conservation ethos found nowhere else. If your adventurous spirit is as untamed as the vast expanses of untouched wilderness, leave behind the comfort of a luxury game vehicle and explore the intricate ecosystem of the lush Okavango Delta via horseback. Experienced riders can traverse from island to island alongside herds of elephant, giraffe, zebra and a multitude of antelope species while basking in the tranquility of the primordial African sun. This region is also home to one of the world’s last surviving hunter-gatherer populations, the San Bushmen of the Kalahari. Support the preservation of this precious culture and learn the ancient wisdom of living in balance with the challenging environment of the Kalahari.
Bongani + Assegai
NAMIBIA is one of the most sparsely-populated countries on the planet, but with a serious safari vehicle, great desert guide, and methodical planning, the road trip of a lifetime can become reality. Drive north from Fish River Canyon in Namibia’s far south, and watch as Earth’s largest and most ancient sand dunes rise along the harsh eastern Atlantic coastline. Sun-bleached whale bones and centuries of shipwrecks dot the Skeleton Coast, where hyenas and jackals hunt seals on the beach, and the scorched skeletons of acacia trees haunt the Dead Vlei clay pan. Those who brave the adventure are rewarded, as African bush elephant, desert lions, black rhino, and myriad other endemic species of flora and fauna bring to life a landscape often referred to as “the land God made in anger.” <a
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