Mother Nature Changed her Mind….Again!

Dec 11, 2013

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The Great Migration makes a U-Turn in Tanzania

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A strange phenomenon is happening in the Northern Serengeti….the wildebeest, which according to historical patterns, should be on their way to the Southern Serengeti in Tanzania, have done a U-turn and are crossing the Mara River back into Kenya. This is a rare occasion and on a recent EXPLORE trip, I was lucky enough to witness this spectacle whilst staying at the gorgeous Sayari Camp in the Northern Serengeti.

The rains were late to arrive in the south but it had rained in the north so the wildebeest, who need to drink water every day, did something different and headed back north. There were wildebeest and zebra everywhere and the crocs that thought the migration had ended (normally around beginning of October) were settling down for hibernation only to be surprised that another meal was available to snack on! The unpredictability of rains in Africa has thrown us all off in trying to plan visits to see the migration and we have learned over the last few years to include BOTH Kenya and TZ for travelers who are dead set on seeing the spectacle, as we just can’t be 100% sure where the animals will be.

November is such a fabulous time to visit East Africa- no crowds, perfect weather and wonderful wildlife viewing. Tanzania offers a great diversity of National Parks and combining Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti makes for an amazing itinerary. And, if you have time to spare, head to Zanzibar and the luxurious hotel – The Residence. Some of the best sunsets on the island can be photographed while sipping a cocktail! After an adventurous safari, I would strongly recommend taking a few days to relax at the beach before heading homewards. That’s what we did!

Ally Green

EXPLORE Travel Specialist

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