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Black Ivory: an update from Save The Elephants


Below is an alert from Melissa Groo with Save The Elephants on Black Ivory and how the illegal trade is destroying African elephants.  If you’d like to subscribe to Melissa’s Elephant News Service, please send an email to groo@elephantnews.org with the subject “Request African/Asian (as appropriate) Elephant” or “Request Both”. Black Ivory The Economist March 10th 2012 Last year was…
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Elephants in Peril

Iain Douglas-Hamilton (Save the Elephants) and World Women Work Working together to help African Elephants in the Samburu National Reserve in northern Kenya March 2011~ “We’ve had 7 poached elephants in the last month which has been devastating – so much poaching happening now and it all seems to be around the access route of this new road. Wilson is…
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