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EXPLORE featured in Outside Magazine

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There is plenty to say about the sensationalism surrounding Ebola and how it was detrimental to the livelihood of so many countries in Africa. Thanks to Outside Magazine for including EXPLORE in a more informed approach to traveling to Africa during the Ebola crisis. In the March issue of Outside Magazine, ‘Viral Fear’ actually speaks about how the media excessively…
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Cherri Briggs Guides Travel + Leisure Through Zambia

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An Authentic Experience Unlike other safari locations throughout Africa, Zambia offers a more natural experience. The camps and lodges are quite comfortable and luxurious, but the focus has always been placed on the guided safaris. That’s why Peter Jon Lindberg of Travel + Leisure turned to EXPLORE’s own Cherri Briggs to guide him through what others call Africa’s “great unsung…
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EXPLORE’s Sneak Preview of
Segera Retreat, Kenya

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There is a lot going on in the Laikipia region of Northern Kenya. Aside from some very serious new conservation initiatives to protect rhino and elephant, a couple of fantastic new lodges are about to open that will raise Kenya’s bar for luxury standards. I was fortunate to be the first US operator to stay at Segera Retreat, an exclusive…
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Photography Workshops with Jim Steinberg

Jim Steinberg is a noted nature photographer, particularly for his images of wildflowers.  Here is a link to Jim Steinberg’s blog from his recent trip to South Africa.  He was there researching sites and scenes for two upcoming photography workshops that will be held in 2012.  The two workshops will focus on different interests – one with a clear wildflower focus…
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Chindeni Bushcamp reopens with a new look

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Just in time for this year’s safari season in the beautiful South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, Chindeni Bushcamp has reopened with a stunning new look! The common areas of Chindeni Camp have been redesigned and rebuilt and the tents have fabulous new furniture.   The commanding views of the Chayumba Lagoon and nearby Chindeni Hills are as spectacular as ever…
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Holiday Travel in Africa – 2010 is filling fast!

Want to go to Africa for the holidays?  Go somewhere warmer?  This is a great time to visit but be aware lodges are filling up for 2010. Email us if you’d like more information –  info@exploreinc.com – we’d love to help you plan your holiday! THE GREAT MIGRATION Have you always wanted to see Africa’s Great Migration, one of the…
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When to go on Safari in Southern Africa

Kind Thanks to Kevin Leo Smith who complied this wonderful and insightful calendar… This calendar is designed to highlight the benefits of a safari during every month of the year (it was originally written for Botswana but applies to most of Southern Africa). We are often asked “what is the best time of the year to go on safari?”… this…
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Welcome to EXPLORE, Inc

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A “Travel Superhero!” ….Conde Nast Traveler   EXPLORE, Inc. has been touted by Condé Nast Traveler for the last nine years as one of the world’s top travel specialists . In 2002 Conde Nast wrote that  Explore is “A Travel Superhero, a wonder-worker who can craft the vacation of your dreams, save you from the pitfalls, deliver you from disaster, and accomplish the impossible…
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