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Our New Madagascar Experience:
August 2014

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EXPLORE is excited to offer our new trip to Madagascar starting August 2014. This unique experience presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity to travel to exotic Madagascar in the company of Dr. Ian Tattersall, world-renowned lemur expert, and Lee Nesler from the Lemur Conservation Foundation. This isn’t just one of your average tours of Madagascar; this is an extraordinary chance to get…
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Madagascar: Discovery of a New Lemur Species

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According to Travel2Madagascar, the lemur was first spotted by Russ Mittermeier in 1995 during an expedition in the northeastern part of Madagascar, but it wasn’t until October 2010 that he could finally return to find this lemur again. “I was surprised to see a fork-marked lemur there, since this animal had not yet been recorded from the region,” he said….
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60th Celebration

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EXPLORE sent a group of intrepid travelers to the Congo Basin in 2007.  Even after being attacked by veracious ants while searching for gorillas in Dzangha Sangha, they returned and asked us to design a trip to celebrate their 60th birthdays.  They had a few experiences in mind and we did our best to pick places that would keep this…
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