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An East Africa Trip of a Lifetime with Dr Don Johanson

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From one of our travelers whose family went on our special East Africa itinerary with Dr Don Johanson (famed for his discovery of Lucy, a 3.2 million-year-old hominid skeleton which he unearthed in Ethiopia’s remote Afar region in  1974).  He is a world renowned paleoanthropologist and Founding Director of the Institute of Human Origins (IHO), a human evolutionary “think tank” he…
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Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Mountain gorillas are massive, shy, majestic and so human-like it is almost beyond belief.  Since the 1970s when the now famous primatologist Dian Fossey brought the horrible plight of gorillas into the mainstream, these amazing animals have held a special place in the imagination of many.  With only about 700 mountain gorillas remaining, seeing these creatures in person is truly…
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Holiday Travel in Africa – 2010 is filling fast!

Want to go to Africa for the holidays?  Go somewhere warmer?  This is a great time to visit but be aware lodges are filling up for 2010. Email us if you’d like more information –  info@exploreinc.com – we’d love to help you plan your holiday! THE GREAT MIGRATION Have you always wanted to see Africa’s Great Migration, one of the…
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Africa’s Last Wilderness

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Tanzania’s Remote Selous & Mozambique’s Hidden Secrets June 2011 The African continent is under siege. Over population and massive extractive industries from uncontrolled mining to deforestation threaten the continent. A few extraordinary individuals have dedicated themselves to conserving its most critical ecosystems. Visit the most extraordinary reserves representing the cutting edge of conservation in the African continent. Witness the beauty…
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