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An East Africa Trip of a Lifetime with Dr Don Johanson

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From one of our travelers whose family went on our special East Africa itinerary with Dr Don Johanson (famed for his discovery of Lucy, a 3.2 million-year-old hominid skeleton which he unearthed in Ethiopia’s remote Afar region in  1974).  He is a world renowned paleoanthropologist and Founding Director of the Institute of Human Origins (IHO), a human evolutionary “think tank” he…
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Unique Trip Opportunities for 2010 and 2011!

The EXPLORE ‘mission’ is to work very closely with our clients in designing safaris that are not only entertaining but transformative and make a difference in the lives of indigenous peoples. By taking the traveler deep into the heart of Africa we facilitate a greater understanding of the ongoing challenges to preserve this most precious part of our planet.  Join…
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Travel with Dr. Don Johanson!

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Ancient Voices: Exploring Human Origins & Wildlife in South Africa with Dr. Don Johanson October 2010 Recipient of the Explorer’s Club Medal, 2010 Join world renowned paleoanthropologist Dr. Don Johanson, Founding Director of the Institute of Human Origins (IHO), in an exploration of South Africa’s most beautiful coastal scenery and famed wildlife reserves. Click here for more details. Your private…
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EXPLORE hobnobs with Conservation Heroes at the Explorers Club!

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A fabulous time was had by all at the annual Explorer’s Club event in New York City where EXPLORE attended the 106th annual Explorers Club dinner at the Waldorf Astoria. I became a member of the Club after completing the 650km first descent of Mozambique’s Lugenda River. 1500 adventure enthusiasts were entertained by Dan Akroyd, Cirque de Soleil acrobats and…
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