So Many Options…Plan Your Trip

Ancient morocco-horse-battle

Ancient Cultures

EXPLORE founder Cherri Briggs has worked intimately with many indigenous cultures in Africa from the Tuareg of the Sahara to the San (or ‘Bushmen’) of the Kalahari. We can hand craft a trip for you to visit one or more of many of the indigenous peoples of Africa.

Authentic Safari

An authentic African safari is an experience that will awaken your senses and your soul. Reconnect with nature and get to know Africa intimately as you eat under the stars, enjoy tented camping (and luxury tented camping), and put your boots to the ground on bush and game walks, and wake to the sounds of the wild. We can help you realize your dream of an authentic African safari and create a custom itinerary that suits your style, vision, and comfort level.


Fishing in Africa

EXPLORE knows the secret spots to catch tiger, the world’s stingiest fighting fish, or bone fish, every serious angler’s dream. We can tell you when to go and where to stay. Unlike traditional fishing specialists we combine all our fishing experiences with the other highlights of Africa from great game viewing to landscape. Call us to learn our secrets!



There is nothing we enjoy more than designing the most perfect, romantic honeymoon in the world! (or wedding for that matter…) Africa will ignite a kind of romance that you just don’t find in the city. The magic of the landscape, dinner under the African sky with a million stars vying with your candlelight, the deep re-connection with the earth.

luxury safari-mombo camp

Luxury Safari

There is no question that ‘luxury’ reaches new heights in Africa. When it comes to exclusivity nothing can compete with a million private acres in pure untouched wilderness, which you may share with as few as 16 other guests. Staff who caters lovingly to your every wish with the warmth of an African family. Professional guides trained to keep you safe and inform you about your magnificent new surroundings with unparalleled expertise.


Photographic Workshops

EXPLORE is teaming up with some of the world’s top photographers to help you improve your photographic skills and knowledge – and what better destination to refine those skills than Africa! From wildlife, landscapes and indigenous peoples to the small things, such as rare fynbos plants of the Cape and the tiny ant lion, Africa offers an inexhaustible variety of subjects for you to explore and capture with your lens.


True African Adventure

EXPLORE’S True Africa Adventure Safari is unlike any safari you are likely to see offered anywhere else! This adventurous journey takes you to places few people ever have the privilege to see, and affords you unique, authentic cultural encounters.


Wilderness Exploration

If you want to stretch your boundaries we will be happy to oblige. We can take you to places you won’t believe still exist. In comfort. . . or great discomfort!

hollweg educational safari

Educational Group Safaris

EXPLORE teams up with several esteemed organizations to bring you high value educational journeys to Africa at a great price. Participants travel with a small group of fellow adventurers who, like you, want to learn, are well-traveled, and are stimulating companions.