World Turtle Day on May 23rd!

May 22, 2015

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Sea turtles may not be the most glamorous of animal species, but they truly are fascinating survivors.  Starting their life without any parental care at all, these tiny creatures make a mad dash down the beach directly after emerging from the egg, venturing into the vast expanse of ocean and hoping to survive long enough to return to their natal beach and lay eggs of their own.  Unfortunately, many species of sea turtle are endangered, so on World Turtle Day, May 23rd, take a moment to learn about these interesting animals and what you can do to help.  If you’re interested in seeing these creatures first-hand, let EXPLORE design a trip for you to South Africa or other turtle nesting sites in West Africa, and witness the turtle phenomenon up close! This Africa Geographic article provides interesting background on turtle conservation efforts for the leatherback and loggerhead species in South Africa:




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