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Jan 13, 2015

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Dear EXPLORE Clients,

As many may have already figured out, the talented Wendy Perrin recently left Condé Nast Traveler, where she was Director of Consumer News and Digital Community and for many years set the standard for the travel industry. Many of you likely were devotees to her popular column, The Perrin Report. She has since began a new endeavor WendyPerrin.com, where she and her savvy team share insider travel information from across the globe.

I was honored to be named on Wendy’s WOW List, an up-to-date list of her trusted travel specialists, along with other top destination specialists who can assist you with your journey to the world’s top travel spots. Each specialist featured on the WOW List is vetted by Wendy and “has unparalleled connections and expertise in their areas of the world.” Take look at my Insider’s Guide to Namibia & Insider’s Guide to Zambia on Wendy’s site to see some of our well kept secrets in Namibia & Zambia.

I know you appreciate being in the know, so I wanted to keep you apprised of this exciting news and encourage you to bookmark Wendy’s site and also to sign up for her Perrin Passport newsletter, where she will soon start sharing special travel offers for destinations worldwide.0

You know how passionate we are about maximizing each traveler’s experience, and Wendy shares the same vision. She wants to make your next trip extraordinary. Wendy Perrin’s travel standards are set to the highest bar so when you connect with these destination specialists through WendyPerrin.com, you’re marked as a V.I.P. traveler and you get special benefits and even Wendy’s trip-monitoring service. We are thrilled to be included in WendyPerrin.com!

Happy travels!

Cherri Briggs & the EXPLORE team

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