Time to get Wow’ed…The WOW List by Wendy Perrin

Sep 15, 2014

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For the past twenty five years, Wendy Perrin has been an encyclopedia for sophisticated travelers all over the world, providing an insider’s view and sharing the best kept secrets that can simply take a trip from mediocre to extraordinary. As a key contributor for Condé Nast Traveler magazine and working with the ‘best of the best’ luxury travel specialists for several years, Wendy has been waving the flag of ‘Truth in Travel’ for some time and recently became Trip Advisor’s first ever Travel Advocate.

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Now Wendy has expanded upon her travel expertise and created her masterpiece, wendyperrin.com. She continues to offer travelers invaluable insights, travel advice and tips, and just announced her WOW list of Trusted Travel Experts. Can you guess who is on this list for Southern Africa? That’s right, our very own Cherri Briggs…because not too many know Southern Africa better!

According to Wendy: “A Trusted Travel Expert (TTE) is a Wendy-vetted destination specialist who arranges and books custom-tailored private travel. Some TTEs arrange small components of a trip (say, a unique one-day guided tour), and some book cruises (filled with special touches), but all of them focus on creating complete itineraries. They solve travel dilemmas, especially when you and your travel companions have conflicting needs and complicated requests. A TTE is a trip choreographer, psychologist, and magician rolled into one. And a TTE is your advocate—your troubleshooter—should something unforeseen happen on your trip.”


Do you want to keep your finger on the pulse of all the best places to go, and get connected with the people who will help get you there? Of course you do, and you just struck gold. Visit wendyperrin.com for all of the answers, and stop relying on the internet to book a complex dream trip. Consult with Cherri and the other Trusted Travel experts on the WOW list.

Your world of travel will never be the same and Namibia just got even more interesting…http://www.wendyperrin.com/destination/namibia-safari-travel-guide-cherri-briggs

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