Say Hello to EXPLORE’s Newest Little Monkey: Miss Molly May McDonough

May 12, 2015

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That’s a lot of M’s and we could add more- magnificent, marvelous, magical, mucho cute- you get the point. All of us here at EXPLORE are overjoyed for our fellow colleague and new mom, Katie McDonough on the arrival of her precious baby girl, Molly May. Aside from her good looks, she’s the coolest baby around. She has stopped by the office once or twice to hang out with the rest of us ladies and fits right in. Hardly cries and is always the best dressed. We adore her and wish her Mom and Dad, Katie and Mike, the best. By the way, Molly has already travelled to four African countries (in utero, of course) and is well on her way to becoming a world traveler with EXPLORE spirit – just like mom.


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