Good News from Kenya

Apr 1, 2013

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We at EXPLORE are extremely pleased by the good news to come out of Kenya’s recent elections, and are glad to have put this period of uncertainty behind us.

Kenyans Voting 2013

Kenyan voters register on biometric equipment .

While our clients who recently visited the country found advantages like less-crowded parks and emptier lodges, it troubled us to see tourist numbers down in recent months. Last month’s elections will likely change that. Not only did election day see millions of Kenyans wait patiently to peacefully cast their votes, but when the close race was resolved by the Supreme Court last weekend, all sides accepted the decision.

A repeat of the violence that followed 2007’s disputed elections didn’t come to pass, as Kenyans were determined not to let that happen again. As Reuters put it, “Peaceful voting in this year’s vote, and the fact the dispute was played out by lawyers not machete-wielding gangs, has helped repair Kenya’s image.”

All of us at EXPLORE are cheered by this news and looking forward to a very successful season during the second half of 2013.

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