Cherri Briggs Guides Travel + Leisure Through Zambia

May 23, 2013

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Zambia Safari

An Authentic Experience

Unlike other safari locations throughout Africa, Zambia offers a more natural experience. The camps and lodges are quite comfortable and luxurious, but the focus has always been placed on the guided safaris. That’s why Peter Jon Lindberg of Travel + Leisure turned to EXPLORE’s own Cherri Briggs to guide him through what others call Africa’s “great unsung safari destination.”

In his article, Peter Jon Lindberg expounds on why he was determined to experience Zambia the way it was meant to be experienced:

“While big-name safari companies have made inroads, the field is still defined by intimately scaled river lodges and bush camps, many of them founded and operated by Zambians—people like Andy Hogg, who started the Bushcamp Company, a collection of six camps in South Luangwa that find a tasteful balance between luxurious and rustic. Or Grant Cumings, whose family runs two excellent and long-standing properties, Chiawa and Old Mondoro, in the Lower Zambezi. With those camps as my bases—and with Briggs’s expert counsel—I plotted out a 10-day trip.”

Plan Your Own Adventure

One-of-a-kind wildlife encounters, elegant camps and lodges, and the beautiful people of Zambia await your arrival. Those who turn to EXPLORE seek such an authentic safari adventure.

If you’re ready to plan your own safari in the beautiful country of Zambia, contact Cherri Briggs and her team of well-seasoned travel specialists.

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