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Segera Retreat, Kenya

Apr 25, 2013

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There is a lot going on in the Laikipia region of Northern Kenya. Aside from some very serious new conservation initiatives to protect rhino and elephant, a couple of fantastic new lodges are about to open that will raise Kenya’s bar for luxury standards. I was fortunate to be the first US operator to stay at Segera Retreat, an exclusive new property in one of Laikipia’s famed private reserves. Segera is owned by business genius / conservationist / contemporary art aficionado Jochen Zeitz. I lucked out and happened to be there while the owner was fine tuning the property’s art collection with Segera’s art curator Mark Coetzee. I even had a private aerial tour of the huge property with Jochen in his amazing bright yellow Super Cub, which will be available for private excursions.

Segera from the Air

Segera from the Air

What can I say? Safari at Segera is unlike any other. Not only does the lodge have great wildlife (I saw an amazing amount of animals for the height of the green season), but it also offers fabulous, luxurious private villas and features one of the finest gardens I have seen in Africa. What a surprise to enter into this oasis in the middle of the wilderness. Within the boma or kraal which is protected by a dense fence of opuntia cactus, is a profusion of impeccably tended, verdant greenery and brilliantly colored flowers that provide an unexpected contrast to the surrounding plains. Of course this means the bird life in incredible. The visitor wanders through the garden and discovers an extraordinary display of fascinating African artworks. Some are already world renowned, others will be soon I am sure. To wander in this garden amidst great art, and then indulge in Australian chef Jane-Therese Mulry (formerly of Hamilton Island) healthy but wonderful “garden to plate” cuisine, adds a dimension to the classic safari that will delight even the most experienced Africa-ophile.

Bravo for a new interpretation of the bush from a very enlightened and imaginative team of people. Oh, I didn’t say much about the people but service is top rung even when compared to anyplace on the planet. Jens Kozany who managed stunning North Island in the Seychelles for years has moved to solid ground and again, brings a new standard to the Kenyan bush. Advice: Go now!

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Cherri Briggs

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