The Selous Project – Lukula Selous

May 26, 2010

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My husband Richard and I went to Lukula in the remote Selous in Tanzania and found the Africa we haven’t seen in many years… WILD  WILD WILD! I loved this camp as it fully retains the wild spirit of Africa. Though remote, it has a good level of comfort and great ‘Swahili/Safari Style” with a strong dash of colonial character thrown in for good measure.  This part of the Selous is completely unaffected by tourists. The  gorgeous landscape and  great game are the main drawcard, but it’s not for everyone.  If you need a blow dryer and a spa, rule this one out. Though you may be lucky with a surprise bubble bath and champagne in the middle of a sand bar!  It’s fabulous for a small group of friends who are looking for a real wilderness experience and a great adventure as there are only four luxury tents.  Being in the safari business I have traveled all over Africa and visited virtually every lodge worth seeing…this is at the very top of my list of favorites!

-Cherri Briggs

President, EXPLORE, Inc.

The Selous Project - Lukula Selous

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