Indonesia: Sailing on the Silolona

Mar 16, 2012

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In December 2011, Cherri and Richard had the great fortune of being invited on the extraordinary Indonesian sailing ship, Silolona, for a three week exploration of the remote islands of Raja Ampat and the highlands of Papua.  Below is Cherri’s account of that fascinating trip.  See our website for more details and pictures.

Silolona must be the most beautiful boat in the world! If not, prove me wrong and I will buy you a Bintang (Bali’s local beer). It is the modern incarnation of those glorious traditional Indonesian sailing ships originally created for trade along the historic Spice Route. It was meticulously handcrafted by local craftsmen for the highly acclaimed Silolona Sojourns Voyages of Discovery founded by intrepid traveler Patti Seery.

Patti is a wonder in and of herself. She is American by birth but in spirit she must be pure Indonesian. She went to Indonesia 27 years ago and fell in love with its people, culture and landscape and is one of the leading authorities on the area. The Smithsonian, Field Museum and Chicago Arts Institute are a few of the prestigious institutions she has worked with in the US. Happily for us, she decided to share her passion and vast knowledge with the rest of the world and the Silolona was somehow, miraculously, born. One of those mad ventures that are driven by vision and passion that somehow worked!

For more details and pictures see our website.


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