Unique Trip Opportunities for 2010 and 2011!

May 14, 2010

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The EXPLORE ‘mission’ is to work very closely with our clients in designing safaris that are not only entertaining but transformative and make a difference in the lives of indigenous peoples. By taking the traveler deep into the heart of Africa we facilitate a greater understanding of the ongoing challenges to preserve this most precious part of our planet.  Join us over the next year on several trips of a lifetime…


October 2010

Join world renowned paleoanthropologist Dr. Don Johanson, Founding Director of the Institute of Human Origins (IHO), in an exploration of South Africa’s most beautiful coastal scenery and famed wildlife reserves.  Your private journey, led by Dr. Johanson and limited to a small group of like-minded sophisticated travelers, will immerse you in the best South Africa has to offer while learning about your ancient ancestors and African wildlife.       


Africa's Last WildernessAFRICA’S LAST WILDERNESS

June 2011

The African continent is under siege. Over population and massive extractive industries from uncontrolled mining to deforestation threaten the continent. A few extraordinary individuals have dedicated themselves to conserving its most critical ecosystems. Visit the most extraordinary reserves representing the cutting edge of conservation in the African continent. Witness the beauty and majesty of Africa at its most powerful…


Cape To Cairo - Rwanda GorillaCAPE TO CAIRO – The First Time in a Century!

January 11 – February 9, 2011

Crossing 6,000 miles from one end of Africa to the other across spectacular landscapes in luxury is one of the most unique adventures in the world! We travel through Africa by the Pride of Africa private train, private airplane, five-star Lake Nasser cruise ship and stay in luxury hotel accommodation en-route to complete this immense and unforgettable 30 day voyage. This is the ultimate travel experience!


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