Looking for a place to snow ski this summer? Try Africa!

May 25, 2011

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EXPLORE is located in the beautiful ski town of Steamboat Springs CO and as much as we love our great mountain everyone can use a change from time to time.  But who would ever think you could make Africa your next stop to hit the slopes?!  And the time of year to visit works perfectly with anyone trying to get in year-round skiing as our summer is their winter.  The best months to go are June through the first week of September. The top African ski experience is located in the gorgeous kingdom of Lesotho surrounded by South Africa at Afri Ski offering a quiet and scenic environment.  This ski resort offers everything:  equipment rentals, ski school and private ski lessons, kids club, 1/2 day to 7-day passes, world-class snow making system and daily grooming, special events and festivals, and a variety of accommodations.  Afri Ski is only a 4.5 hour drive from Johannesburg (it is a 1.5 hour drive once through the border post and into Lesotho on a spectacular journey going through several mountain passes (the road is newly tarred but still beware of the occasional pothole!).  tip:  they highly recommend filling up with gas in Fouriesburg or Butha-Buthe on the drive and get cash at the ATM before heading to the resort.
The great thing about skiing in South Africa is the option to head to Kruger National Park during a time of prime game viewing.  Please contact us for more information on traveling to South Africa.

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