Great Cats at Risk

Aug 7, 2012

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There are few places on Earth that are more compelling and mesmerizing than Africa and its richness and diversity of culture, landscape and wildlife.  Many travelers choose “going on safari” to view animals that do not exist anywhere else.  This experience invokes a true feeling of being in the wild, often referred to as “the bush.”  Spotting “The Big 5” (African bush elephant, cape buffalo, black rhinoceros, lion and leopard) remains at the top of the list for travelers and can easily transform an excursion into “a trip of a lifetime!”

Unfortunately, numerous threats to Africa’s vast wildlife kingdom persist.  Many significant species of Africa are now becoming endangered and close to extinction due to unsustainable and unethical practices.  Specifically, trophy hunting and poaching continue to rise in popularity and prized animal carcasses and their parts are being exchanged for top dollars.  Bones, horns, tusks and organs are traded for the manufacturing of products claiming medicinal benefits and aphrodisiacal properties.  The Lion, the quintessential icon of African wildlife, is now under attack and targeted for the production of Lion Bone Wine, as an imitation or replacement for the famed Tiger Bone Wine.


Helping to preserve the biodiversity of Africa’s unspoiled places is a top priority for us at Explore.  We are passionate about promoting sustainable ecotourism and only endorse lodges and camps that remain committed to upholding the highest of standards and principles.  Please sign this petition and as a savvy consumer, vote with your wallet, and make purchases that only support responsible practices towards education and conservation.

Sign the petition:

The first time I saw a lion in the wild, I sensed just how small and insignificant we as humans are in this world.  The animal kingdom in Africa is a sacred place.  We can do our part by becoming well informed, spreading the word and supporting good causes that halt such inhumane actions.

-Cherri Briggs, Owner of Explore, Inc.

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