Educational Group Safaris

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EXPLORE teams up with several esteemed organizations to bring you high value educational journeys to Africa at a great price. Participants travel with a small group of fellow adventurers who, like you, want to learn, are well-traveled, and are stimulating companions. A Safari to Africa goes beyond the continent’s fantastic wildlife viewing and vast wilderness – the conversations you share with your guides and fellow travelers over a cool sundowner are an equally vital part of the experience. After all, travel is about discovery – not only of landscape, local people and wildlife, but also of yourself and your companions.

EXPLORE chooses remote locations and small camps to offer our participants a more in-depth educational experience and to keep costs low. There are always financial advantages to traveling with your fellow adventurers in a group. Many of our group departures are 50% (or more!) under published rates. Because we hand-craft each itinerary all of our trips offer standards that are unparalleled in group travel. So, if Africa is the place you always wanted to visit, but you haven’t quite made it there (or you have been once or twice and, like the rest of us, can’t wait to get back) call us now for details about our different group offers available.

EXPLORE, Inc. has partnered with Road Scholar for a decade to create highly educational experiences for small groups of mature adults. From Zambia to Botswana, Namibia to South Africa, we work with small, owner-run lodges wherever possible and avoid the “hotel-like” atmosphere that dilutes a genuine African experience. We deliver the “real” Africa and work with the best, most knowledgeable guides. Not only are we the sole custom tour operator for the Road Scholar Southern Africa curriculums, but we work closely with Harvard University‚Äôs Alumni Association and Museums of Science and Culture. In addition, our Student Learning program is a way for young adults to experience adventure and local culture while learning about wildlife conservation and management.

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