Bravo Zambia!

Oct 13, 2011

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Zambia has proven that democracy thrives in Africa with the recent election of President Michael Sata. I was most fortunate to have the experience of being in Lusaka during the elections. The lack of violence, smooth transition and gracious handing over of power by incumbent Rupiah Banda proves that not only is the democratic process alive and well in Africa’s Southern region, but brings Zambia to the forefront as an example of stability to the region. 

Over the weeks before the election Attny Musa Mwenya, President of the Law Society of Zambia, played a strong role in ensuring that the election was entirely above board and that the law regarding voting prodecures was followed exactingly. When the new President was announced on September 23, there was dancing and celebration in the streets, and a new democratic government was born. 

President Sata’s new government promises to ensure that Zambia’s economy and resources are managed wisely with increasing focus on sustainable development, improving labor conditions and creating opportunity for local people. 

If you are interested in the Patriotic Front’s Manifesto and plans for Zambia, please click here.  Better yet, come to Zambia and experience some of the best Africa has to offer while supporting a democratic, stable country which thrives with wildlife and is home to a friendly, welcoming people!


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