Road Scholar Traveler Blog: Wild Africa | Botswana and Zambia

Oct 18, 2011

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Ronya's South Luangwa ElephantsRonya, a recent EXPLORE traveler, kept an insightful and entertaining daily blog during her recent trip to Africa on one of our Botswana and Zambia programs with Road Scholar.  See her note below and check out her packing list and daily blog here!

I recently went on the “Wild Africa: Botswana and Zambia” tour in Sept 2011.  I am retired, have traveled quite a bit, and do occasional contract work to help pay for extra special trips.  This was my first Road Scholar trip.  (I had so much fun that I’m about to sign up for another Road Scholar adventure.)  The blog was started in response to requests from my friends to describe my travels because they wanted to experience my adventures vicariously.  With that in mind, I try to provide a more experiential description than just a dry itinerary.  Please bear in mind, that anything I post on my blog is strictly my own thoughts, which do not necessarily reflect the experience of other travelers.  All my entries about the safari are posted in Sept and Oct 2011.


Link for more information on the Wild Africa Road Scholar program or to enroll


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