Rains Return to Kenya

May 22, 2010

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KenyaThe rains have finally returned to parched Kenya bringing welcome relief for this country that has suffered more than a year of devastating drought.  Tens of thousands of animals, including livestock, elephant, hippo and antelope have perished and millions of people forced to rely on food aid as the rains failed and suns dried up what little water was left on the ground.

Animal numbers saw heavy declines during the drought, especially plains game.  Last year alone at least 70 elephants died while the rivers dried up and grasses turned brown.  So far this year the rains have been consistent and the wildlife is beginning to look much healthier.  Although it will take two to three years for most of the wildlife to recover completely, if the rains continue, numbers may begin recovering by next year.Kenya

Slowly the plains have begun soaking up this moisture and bringing much needed sustenance to the animals.  Although things are still tough for many people, things for wildlife have drastically improved.  The animals are starting to fatten up and new babies are being born to make up for the losses during the drought.

Witness the action in spectacular Kenya where all of the “big five” can be seen, you can relax on shores of the Indian Ocean, see primates swinging through jungle trees, climb mountains, tour a traditional Maasai village and much more.

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