Travel Update From Egypt

Jun 22, 2011

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  Here is an update from one of our Egyptian operators…. “As you know we had several groups in Cairo at the time the revolution began and while the uncertainty of the situation made their tours slightly stressful it certainly didn’t affect what they were able to see and do. I’m also certain if you asked the tour members they would say that the absence of almost any other tourists made for a great experience.
I would like to have people know that during the time of the revolution and since then there have been no incidences where tourists have been harmed or even hassled by the Egyptian people. In fact, travelers who are coming are met with thanks by the local people. Since so many Egyptian households depend on tourism to support their families, everyone is doing their best to make certain that anyone coming to Egypt is appreciated for their effort and that they are extended every possible opportunity to enjoy the country.
Security is not an issue for tourists visiting Cairo. All sites are open and afford an opportunity to visit sites absent of the normal crowds. Upper Egypt is now and always has been completely secure and we are beginning to see an increase in tourism in Luxor and Red Sea Resorts.
All in all, things are improving daily and travel in Egypt is not only safe but can afford travelers a once-in-a-lifetime experience devoid of crowds. And as alway we will welcome them to Egypt and do everything possible to assure that their experience is the best possible.” Cherri’s Advise: “Go NOW.  Avoid the crowds, see a ‘private’ Egypt without the pressures of large groups of tourists.  Also, help the new democracy get on its feet by supporting tourism, its main industry, and get great deals and upgrades!”

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