Sudan: What to Expect / Highlights

Few tourists

Sudan is not a major tourist destination so you will see few crowds and prices are reasonable.

Ancient Pyramids

There are probably more pyramids in Sudan than can be found in all of Egypt. EXPLORE suggests visiting the pyramids at Meroe & Karima.


The ancient kingdom of the Sudan was called Kush, and was mentioned in the Bible. Kush was the last place on Earth where the Egyptian gods were worshipped.

Fascinating Cultures: Kushite (1080-650 BC) and Meroitic Culture (about 300 BC - 400 AD)

Both influenced by Egyptian culture. The Meroitic Period is named for the capital city of the kingdom of Kush during this time, the city of Meroe.

Historical Khartoum

The area where Khartoum stands is a historic place that was once at the core of the majestic Nubian empire. Khartoum is one of three sister cities, built at the convergence of the Blue and White Niles.

Exotic Dancing

Join the local crowds to watch the ecstatic dances of the several hundred "dervishes," as they chant and whirl to the beat of drums to seek closeness to Allah. The men are costumed in strange hats and wear multi-colored ragged or patched garments.