Panama...With much of the indigenous cultures surviving and growing economic development, Panama has a richness in natural and human resources unmatched anywhere else on earth.

The commonly overlooked, odd-shaped country of Panama is a hidden paradise filled with tropical rainforests, mist-covered mountains, and white, sandy beaches. Dive the coral reefs off the northwest coast of Panama near Bocas del Toro, the main city in the archipelago of the same name. Visit the San Blas Islands, home of the Cuna Indians, known for their colorful, intricately woven textiles and beaded jewelry. Get to know the seven different indigenous groups that make up Panama's vibrant, diverse, and friendly culture. Hike through Parque Nacional Darin in search of Panama's 940 species of birds and over 1200 species of orchids. Dine on fried plantain, served every way imaginable, paired with rice, beans and an abundance of the freshest seafood. Just five hours from New York, you wonder why this jewel of a country has been off the radar.