• Magnificent Mozambique
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    Days 1 - 3


    Upon arrival in Pemba, you are met and transferred by small aircraft to Matemo Island, situated in the magnificent Quirimbas Archipelago off the coast of Northern Mozambique. The remote island of Matemo offers idyllic Mozambique island accommodations. Experience an island holiday of unspoiled beauty, breathtaking scenery, spectacular marine life and extreme relaxation. The magnificent Quirimbas Archipelago is a captivating chain of 27 islands waiting to be discovered. These idyllic islands stretch from the quaint city of Pemba in the south to the town of Palma in the north. Some of the charming islands in the south include a vast expanse of enchanted forest in the Quirimbas National Park. The park was established in 2002 as an answer to the local community's need to nurture and sustain their precious natural environment. Feeding and nesting grounds for the park's delightful population of sea turtles, dugong, dolphins, sharks and whales are found here.
    Days 4 - 6


    In the morning of Day 4 you are chartered to your lodge in the Maluane wilderness area. Maluane comprises one of the last unspoiled and unexploited wilderness areas along the East African coast; it includes coral reefs, mangroves, beaches and islands, together with large areas of forest and inland savannah. Maluane's community-based and scientifically-sound conservation work began in 2001 and they are continuing to make significant discoveries. Maluane has a large elephant population, a wide diversity of antelope species, a growing number of predators and unrivalled marine life, which includes many endangered species. Days at Maluane are spent relaxing and enjoying the marine activities which include world-class blue water fishing and fly fishing, as well as scuba diving and snorkeling in some of the most pristine coral reefs of the Indian Ocean.
    Days 7 - 9


    You are chartered to the Pemba airport to board your flight for Beira. Then, you are met and transferred by road to the Gorongosa National Park. During your time here you explore the national park by vehicle, on foot, and possibly by helicopter. Observe the machinations of the rebirth of this fantastic national park. The rehabilitation of Gorongosa National Park represents one of the great conservation efforts in the world's history. Approximately 90% of the world's terrestrial biodiversity can be found in eco regions representing only 2% of the earth's surface. The key to continued species diversity on the planet is to protect these critical areas. Gorongosa National Park is one of the key regions on the planet, representing extremely high species diversity and ecological features found nowhere else on earth. The 3,770 square kilometer park is located at the southern end of the Great East African Rift Valley. The Park includes the savannah of the valley floor and dramatic plateaus. Rivers originating on nearby Mount Gorongosa water the plains and create fertile feeding grounds for the areas variety of wildlife. The area consists of a combination of unique geological features, limestone gorges and caves, which at one time supported some of the densest wildlife populations in all of Africa. Today, the area is home to charismatic carnivores, herbivores and over 500 bird species. A beautiful lake dominates the center of the park which teems with birds, hippos and crocodiles. During the recent thirty-year civil war, large mammal populations were reduced by as much as 95% and many ecosystems in the area were severely stressed. Nevertheless it is still likely that you will see elephant, sable, warthogs, roan and maybe lion. If you are lucky you may witness the introduction of some of the lost species back into the Park. You will also visit local communities and talk to community leaders about what this fantastic project means to them in restoring life and livelihood to the area, which was one of the hardest hit during Mozambique's long and brutal civil war. On Day 8, you have a guided hike to the top of Mt. Gorongosa, which rises abruptly and alone from the flat surrounding savannah. From the top, you have panoramic views of the area and the extending East African Rift Valley.
    Days 10 - 11


    You are transferred by road back to Beira where you board your flight departing for Maputo. Maputo, the sprawling capital of Mozambique, was once one of Africa's most beautiful and fashionable cities with an impressive skyline of tall buildings and a cosmopolitan Portuguese/African atmosphere. It was established as a trade and industry center and as a port to serve the gold fields of South Africa. As the capital, it was hit hard during Mozambique's long and brutal civil war, however, those days are over and Maputo is re-establishing some of its former glory. Today there are some excellent restaurants in Maputo where you can enjoy a beer and some of the fantastic seafood served fresh off the boat. The infamous Fere de Populare has dozens of bars and discos where Mozambicans dance well into the night to seductive Latino beats.
    Days 12 - 14


    You are transferred to the Maputo airport for your flight departing for Vilanculos. Upon arrival, you are met and transferred by boat to Benguerra Island. Benguerra Island is the second largest island in Mozambique's Bazaruto Archipelago and is known for its high dunes, inland lakes and beautiful beaches. Legend has it that the Portuguese disposed of prisoners by dropping them off on these exposed islands leaving the tides and the sharks to seal their fate. The island has a total of 164 species of birds and the small patch of indigenous forest near the north point rings with their sounds and those of squirrels and monkeys. The island has a rich cultural life with dhows regularly sailing past the northern point of the island dragging nets, or going to nearby reefs. If you wake up early you might see them sharing their catch on the beaches. Nearby Two Mile Reef offers the best reef diving in Mozambique with beautiful staghorn corals and tropical fish from tiny clownfish to moray eels and black-tipped reef sharks. Dugongs also frequent the area. The large protected pool called the Aquarium is a must for snorkelers. Fishing by lure and by fly is also very popular and the lodges host annual game fishing competitions. In Mozambique, fishing is carefully monitored and all catches are tagged and then released.
    Day 15


    Transfer via Maputo to Johannesburg, South Africa and your international flight home or onward.