• Diverse and Unique Madagascar
  • Day 1

    Arrive in Antananarivo

    Today you arrive in Antananarivo, known as Tana, the economic, political and cultural capital of Madagascar. Sitting approximately 3,600 feet above sea level, the landscape is dominated by rice fields and houses made of cooked bricks. Enjoy a restful evening at one of Tana's luxury boutique hotels.
    Days 2 - 4

    Andasibe / Perinet

    The morning of Day 2 you are driven approximately 3 hours, to the rainforest covered eastern side of the island. Along the way you pass through the beautiful highland countryside where you see farms, villages, markets, tombs, and a colorful array of people. You arrive in Andasibe- Mantadia National Park, one of Madagascar's most bio-diverse and important tracts of forest. Over 300 species of orchid, 20 species of lemur (including the largest, the Indri-indri) make this park their home, as well as numerous species of reptile and amphibian. It is MUST-see national park in Madagascar.
    Days 5-7

    Masoala National Park

    Today you travel to Masoala National Park located in the northeastern coast of Madagascar. This unspoiled and pristine park is rich in wildlife and biodiversity with an abundance of birds, reptiles, and mammals. There is exciting snorkeling right off the beach at your luxurious seaside accommodation.

    During your stay here, you have the option to participate in guided activities including day or night forest walks, sea kayaking, snorkeling, whale watching, and fishing.
    Days 8 & 9

    Tsingy Ankarana

    On Day 8 you travel to the breathtaking Ankarana National Park in the very north of Madagascar. The park is known for its limestone karst pinacles known as tsingy and its extensive cave systems. During your stay you explore the cave filled with giant fruit bats and fields of unusual tsingy. If luck is with you, you may see the Amber mountain fork-marked lemur, brown mouse lemur, or northern ring tailed mongoose and possibly Madagascar's largest predator- the fossa. The forest is filled with baobab trees, palms, fig trees and many succulents. At night, you may take a walk in the reserve in search of nocturnal lemurs such as the adorable sportive lemur.
    Days 10 & 11

    Montagne de Ambre

    Early on Day 10 you travel to the Montagne d'Ambre (Amber Mountain) National Park. The park is comprised of a volcanic massif that rises from the surrounding dry region to form an isolated stretch of montane forest surrounded by lush rainforest. Forests in the park are home to 25 species of mamals, including 8 lemurs species, 75 species of bird, and 60 reptiles including the worlds smallest chameleon, the brookesia.

    While here, you take a full day excursion to the Montagne d'Ambre National Park with a picnic lunch. This spectacular park is located in a lush rainforest filled with beautiful lakes and waterfalls. Walk in search of crowned and brown lemurs, chameleons, leaf-tailed geckos and a variety of bird life.
    Days 12-15


    On Day 11 you fly to Anjajavy, set along the Mozambique Channel in an perfectly pristine and diverse environment where flora and fauna offer a perfect reflection of Malagasy nature. The 1,100 acre nature reserve alongside your hotel is home to over 1,800 plant and flower species, most of which are endemic to Madagascar and include many medicinal plants. Tsingy, the celebrated millennial coral remains, can be found throughout the forest and overlooking the bay. The forest is also home to many animal species such as Verreaux's Sifaka, mouse lemurs, Cuvier's oplure (a type of iguana), vasa parrots, and the Madagascar fisher eagle.

    Anjajavy is ripe for exploration and you have the option to discover the baobab trees, the "hairy crab", a miriad of bird species, as well as caves full of stalagmites and stalactites. During your stay you can water ski, take catamarans excursions, wind surf, snorkel, canoe, or take a boat trip to visit the local primary school and village of Anjajavy.
    Day 16

    Depart Antananarivo

    Return via flight to the capital city of Antananarivo to begin your journey home.

    NOTE:This is just one example of many custom itineraries we can do for you in this diverse country. For additional itinerary options, please contact us