Indonesia: What to Expect / Highlights


Famous for its luxuriant beaches and sultry air, Bali has tempted travelers as a destination for years. Don't miss the Buddhist-Hindu temple Pura Ulun Danu Ratan Lake Temple, the most photographed temple in Indonesia with its cloudy mountain backdrop and stunning reflection in the lake water. Built for Dewi Danu, the Goddess of Water, Pilgrims from all over Bali come here to provide water for farmers near and far. SCUBA diving, snorkeling, and beach-combing opportunities abound for travelers wanting a taste of sun, saltwater, and relaxation.


Orangutans, Malay for "people of the forest," only exist in the wild in Malaysia and on the Indonesian islands of Borneo and the wild Sumatra. As their habitat is being rapidly decimated, the need to understand and protect these intelligent "cousins" and their home is critical. Visit an Orangutan viewing center or an Orangutan orphanage or look for these creatures in the wild, on foot, and allow yourself to be moved by their faces and personalities.


Located on the island of Java, Indonesia's larges city (pop. 10,000,000+) is where fortunes are made and broken. This economic hub may not be for everyone with its chaotic streets and bustling atmosphere, however those who love the excitement of urban global cities will be impressed with this Pandora's Box of hidden gems. If you're after a holiday, go to Bali. If you want to experience the true cultural melting pot that is Indonesia, don't miss Jakarta.