Indonesia...With thousands of islands to explore, everyone is sure to find their version of paradise.

Indonesia is a sultry kaleidoscope that spans the equator for 3,000 miles and embodies 17,000 or more islands, of which only 8,000 are inhabited. To say that this nation is culturally and ecologically diverse would be an injustice. Each island possesses its own radically different cultures, customs, wildlife, and plant life. From orangutans, Balinese dancers, volcanoes, azure waters, and stretching deserts you won't want to miss a thing!

Bali: Despite the fact that you could drive around the entirety of this Indonesian island province in one day, Bali's allure and prominence as a desired destination is justified. Misty treks to volcanic peaks, lounging on the beach, enchanting temple ceremonies, and mesmerizing dance performances are only a handful of the experiences that Bali has to offer.