Iceland: What to Expect / Highlights

Incredible Geography & History

The country is known for its tremendous icecaps and glaciers, spouting geysers and volcanoes, raging rivers and magnificent waterfalls, a multitude of birds, whales just offshore and underground lava tube caves that stretch for miles. It is also rich in history, literature and folklore tradition.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

The best months for viewing the indescribable curtain of lights crossing the sky is from November through April.


Begin your tour in Reykjavik, (the northern most capitol in the world) on a Friday or Saturday as it's a must to experience the pub crawl (runtur) when practically the whole population goes out on the town until the wee hours of the morning! There is a reason that Reykjavik is considered the most chic weekend getaway for sophisticated Europeans. Its fantastic music, fashion and nightlife are part of the magic.