Gabon... located in central Africa, is one of Africa's most fascinating countries, rich in both wildlife and culture.

Filled with tropical forests little touched by humans, its newly created 13 National Parks create a safe haven for the incredibly varied bio diversity sanctuaries. Gabonese forests have some of the richest variety of plant species in Africa, including up to 20 percent indigenous species. Nowhere else can you watch elephants on white sand beaches and also hope to see breaching humpback whales from the same spot! Antelopes, buffaloes and elephants roam the grasslands. Gorillas, although endangered in most other parts of Africa, are abundant in Gabon's dense forests. Trees are filled with monkeys, baboons, toucans and African parrots. From the strange mangroves of the coast to the spectacular savannas of the Bateke Plateaux, the wealth of natural scenery is also exceptional. Newly built small eco-lodges are now increasingly comfortable and make the country accessible.