Central African Republic

Central African Republic: What to Expect / Highlights

With its staggering natural beauty, world renowned wildlife viewing, and warm and friendly people despite years of civil strife, CAR remains the "real" Africa.

Dzangha Sangha National Park
Visit the world-renowned Dzangha Sangha National Park in the Central African Republic. The Dzangha bai is the only place on earth where such a rare collection of animals coexist. Here you have the opportunity to see habituated lowland gorillas, forest elephants, chimpanzees, Colobus monkeys, forest buffalo, duiker, the rare Bongo antelope, sitatungas, Red River Forest hogs, and mangabeys.

The capital city of CAR was founded by the French in 1880 and named after the nearby rapids. In the French style, it boasts wide, shady boulevards and a central market where all transport and activity converges.