Brazil: What to Expect / Highlights

The Amazon River

The sheer numbers of this river are staggering: The Amazon Basin is twice the size of India and this goliath river pours 300 million litres of water into the ocean per second! Whether you are on foot or in a boat, to enter into the Amazon Basin is to enter an exotic world of untouched indigenous cultures, diverse flora and fauna, and incredible adventure.


Traditionally taking place the Saturday before Fat Tuesday, Brazilian Carnival is a ferver of costumes, samba, and joie de vivre. It is possible to enjoy all Carnaval has to offer at several different levels of participation, whether simply an observant spectator or whether your boots hit the pavement and you shake your hips, join in the conga line, and become infected by the joyous rhythm and celebration.

The Pantanal

This wetland, about 20x the size of the Florida Everglades, often plays second fiddle to the Amazon, however wildlife viewing opportunities here are, generally speaking, more successful. This vast wetland is mostly enjoyed by plane and motorboat.