Botswana one finds the Africa of the imagination - pure, wild, and spectacularly beautiful.

A small, land-locked country north of South Africa and east of Namibia, Botswana is one of the most stable and fully democratic countries in Africa. This peaceful nation is home to virtually all of Africa's big game, the continent's largest population of elephants, and an astounding array of bird species. With spectacular scenery, world class game viewing, and fascinating indigenous cultures, Botswana is much more than just a safari destination. One of Africa's most successful nations, it remains a sparsely populated and relatively little visited country, a plus for EXPLORE travelers.



Diverse Landscapes

A blend of magnificent landscapes makes Botswana unique on the continent. From the searing mirages of the Kalahari Desert to the lush waterways of the Okavango Delta and the savannahs and woodlands of Northern Botswana, the country is full of beauty and surprises.

Incredible Wildlife

Botswana is home to almost all of Africa's magnificent big game- including the largest population of elephants on the continent. Also abundant are hundreds of species of birds, crocodile, hippo, buffalo, lion, leopard, hyena, the highly endangered wild dog, as well as many other rare species such as cheetah and aardwolf.

San (Bushmen) of the Kalahari

The San are one of Africa's last remaining indigenous populations who still live somewhat traditionally. Their culture is disappearing as the boundary between Western and traditional cultures in the Kalahari starts to blur.

Untouched Wilderness

Because of the money diamond mining has brought to Botswana, vast tracks of wilderness have been preserved. Today about 40% of the entire country falls under some form of conservation practice.