Last Days of Ivory

Dec 26, 2014

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Looking for a way to make a positive impact in 2015?  ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ director Kathryn Bigelow has launched a PSA and website about elephant poaching that we think is deserving of your attention.  The film, Last Days of Ivory, and website both aim to put the illegal ivory trade and the terrorists profiting from it out of business in order to protect endangered elephants and innocent people that are continuously affected.  The Academy Award-winning director says “an elephant disappears every 15 minutes.  It is our hope that this film helps to bring an activist into existence at least that often.”  This is a great opportunity to take action before we witness the last days of elephants in the wild.


The anti-poaching effort calls for an end to trafficking in ivory, an end to the demand for ivory, and an end to the killings.  And they need our help.  Here are some of the real things we can all do to stop wild elephants from disappearing from our world while cutting off funding for some of the world’s most notorious terrorist networks:

  • Fund the fight by donating to one or more of the non-profit partners where every dollar donated goes 100% to putting terrorists out of business and elephants out of danger
  • Spread the message with #LastDays and share the site on social media
  • Influence the policy by putting this issue in front of key policymakers & organizations
  • LEARN MORE and educate yourself

For more information on any of the ways to contribute above, please visit and start taking action NOW!

And if you do nothing else today, please watch this 3 minute film and share it.

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