Sasaab Private Villa

KENYA / Northern Kenya

The Private Villa at Sasaab offers a unique retreat in the wilderness of Northern Kenya, at one of Kenya’s most stylish and luxurious lodges.

Overlooking the Ewaso Nyiro river in the heart of Samburu land, the Private Villa is comprised of two individual rooms with enormous thatched roof and shared central space and private pool. Views from the Private Villa look across the river into the bush and distant hills. Each room is uniquely styled following the Moroccan theme of the lodge, with expansive verandahs and a great sense of space within the room. Rustic reds and oranges blend with the natural Samburu colours and set off the middle eastern theme. The Private Villa can be accessed by a path from the Main lodge mess, or by private vehicle entrance, and guests are welcome to either join the main lodge for meals or take their meals privately by the pool under the stars, or in the shared central area. The lodge is in the midst of a community conservancy, rich in raw Samburu culture and traditions, and was built with wildlife and environmental conservation foremost in mind. The local community is associated with the lodge and benefits directly from your stay at Sasaab. Over 75% of our employees are from the local area. Activities offered include invigorating walks through the wilderness, game watching, alfresco dining, a unique cultural experience and opportunities to become involved with the local community. The Private Villa is the ultimate option for families or friends to unwind and relax in style.