Ras Kutani Suites / Family House

TANZANIA / Indian Ocean Coast

Relaxation is the keynote at Ras Kutani! Four spacious and airy suites are situated high on the hill with sweeping views of the crescent bay and the jade waters of the Indian Ocean.

Upepo is the Kiswahili word for breeze, each suite named after one of the prevailing winds that soothes this deserted stretch of the Swahili Coast, offering an idyllic sanctuary for the safari-weary traveler in search of tropical respite and castaway comfort. Perched amidst tropical forest on the hill behind, each suite comes with its own private areas and signature Sultan’s bed. Verandahs come bejeweled with a private dip pool against an infinity backdrop.

On top of the hill is also a family house, comprising two cottages, which is ideal for small families. The common area is a spacious open area with a stunning view over the ocean.

The temperate seas and proximity of coral reefs ensure a wealth of marine life and interest for those keen on snorkeling. Apart from a variety of colorful fish, dolphins, whales and turtles are frequent visitors to these shores. Kayaks are also available to explore the fresh water lagoon and when the surf is up boogie boards provide plenty of thrills in the surf nearby! The tropical, coastal forest behind the lodge boasts some 132 different species of trees in many of which one can watch the antics of four species of monkey, including the spectacular black-and-white colobus. Next to this forest walk one can also make a visit to the village nearby to taste Swahili life.