Koro Lodge / Bushmans Kloof


Koro Lodge is an oasis of luxury in a breathtaking landscape of savage untamed beauty, 270 kilometers from Cape Town in the Bushmans Kloof Wilderness Reserve, Western Cape.

Located approximately 4 kilometers from the main lodge, Koro Lodge is an existing farmhouse, nestled in the reserve, that has been completely renovated and transformed into an spectacular intimate villa complete with 2 master bedrooms and a loft to sleep 4 children (of any age). The lodge includes the services of its own chef and guide for the duration of your family getaway. A special fun fulfilled children’s program is offered to entertain and stimulate, in addition to exciting outdoor family or group activities such as mountain biking, canoeing, hiking, star gazing, and swimming. Exquisite botanical gardens, crystal pools and rolling lawns provide a gentle transition between your elegant suite and the dramatic rocky landscape beyond. An extensive selection of quality activities and services await you. Take a sunset nature drive or an early morning rock art excursion. For those with an adventurous side you can take a nature hike, mountain biking, canoeing, or swimming in crystal clear rock pools. For the less energetic, Bushmans Kloof provides a perfect retreat for painting, writing, photography or reading. Whether you would like to explore your adventurous nature, unwind your body or soothe your soul, there is plenty to match your requirement.

The all inclusive stay offers exceptional value and the ultimate wilderness and wellness experience. The Reserve is predator free to endangered species of wildlife and such as the Cape Mountain Zebra – an animal saved from the brink of extinction in the wild.

The wildlife reintroduction program has also seen the return of the magnificent Bontebok, Red Hartebeest, Grey Rhebok and Ostrich.With over 130 rock art sites, Bushmans Kloof represents one of the most densely painted rock art areas in South Africa. A glorious morning drive and a short hike through the aromatic fynbos leads you to secret caves where your ranger will provide insight into the ancient lost culture of the San and their fascinating spirit world.