Banyan Tree


Banyan Tree Seychelles is situated in the scenic Intendance Bay along the South Western coastline of Mahe. Located just steps away from the beach, the stunning two-bedroom, double-pool villa is the latest addition at Banyan Tree Seychelles.

Spanning over 800 square meters each and set amidst beautifully manicured gardens, there are two private pools, two open-air dining areas, a jet-pool and two sprawling master bedrooms. With a butler/host on call 24 hours, it is perfect for hosting family and friends in the most exclusive and luxurious of locations.

Mahe is the largest island of the Seychelles, lying in the northeast of the nation. From Mahe there are dozens of fantastic islands to be discovered and explored, UNESCO World Heritage Sites like the Vallee de Mai, home to the legendary coco-de-mer double nut, and extraordinary bird and tortoise colonies.

The beaches of Mahe Island, fantastically shaped pink granite rocks glowing red in the sun, coral reefs teeming with thousands of fish and living corals, and pockets of mysterious virgin forest, are the spoils of venturing beyond the comforts of your heavenly villa. Snorkeling, parasailing, waterskiing, small-game fishing, big game fishing, deluxe catamaran cruises, luxury offshore cruises, kite surfing and all PADI-related activities are all offered during your stay at Banyan Tree.

The island’s abundant live reefs sustain a thriving underworld of bright corals and tropical fish. Spectacular dive sites can be enjoyed within the resort and all around the island’s turquoise lagoons.